Our history

It all started when we were very young. The first one that started was Andre, when he was 7 years old; Then Juano at 9. We were always very musical and our love for music grew with us.

An uncle (doctor / musician) was the first to perceive it and together with our family they supported us to start our journey through music. We started training in the Medellín Music School Network, administered at the time by the Amadeus Foundation, where they taught us all the bases to train as musicians, but above all they taught us that the first thing we should be was HUMANS.

There we met several of our best friends and the people who have inspired us. We had the opportunity to be part of symphony orchestras and to travel with and for music.

It was between 11 and 14 years old that we belonged to the music program. During the week we received instrument classes (violin), music theory, choir, body expression and on weekends hundreds of children gathered to play in Symphony Orchestras. They are one of the best memories we have of our childhood and adolescence.

There were many experiences that we lived and people that we met through music. Playing classical and Colombian music, participating with city orchestras, working with other colleagues, were things that led us to understand music from various points of view. We managed to understand that music is diverse and is for everyone.

Andre: I started studying Advertising Graphic Communication and always related my career works with music. In one of the last semesters I had to create a brand and it was time to give feet to the idea that would later become my life project.

As musicians we had had some experiences in events and weddings, but in a more informal way. It was when I proposed to Juano to create a group. I told him about the name, the concept, the idea and it sounded to him.

Juano: Since I was little I knew that music would always be in my life. Before leaving school I started to train professionally. I have traveled, played in orchestras, met great masters; thanks to the music. It has also given me the opportunity to undertake, to grow as a person, to take risks, challenge myself and learn every day.

The music has been and will be what I like the most, what I enjoy the most. So living from it is something that is worth it to me.

It was in 2013 that we decided to embark on a path that we knew little about but were excited about. At first there were no commitments and we saw it more as something to pass the time. Our first event was in December of the same year, a marriage of someone known. From that moment, we began to understand that we should start preparing and gaining experience.

2014 and 2015 were years to get to know the market. 2016, a year for the market to start getting to know us and 2017 a year to start solidifying. During those years we met many people who saw our potential and who helped us a lot. We met colleagues with whom we work today and we met entrepreneurs who became our clients.

It has been a journey in which we have taken each step with love, in which we have had many learnings, not only musical but also the process of creating a company. To work day by day for some objectives, to project ourselves, to grow and innovate.

2018 and 2019 were years that helped us position ourselves much more in Medellín and understand that growing costs, but that it is a process that must be lived. We have had the opportunity to work for large companies in the country and for important people who have helped us set a path. Today we are at a point where we are proud of the path we have traveled, but we are aware that this is just beginning.

We are happy to continue walking this path as brothers, friends, partners and colleagues and we thank all the people who have accompanied us in this story.

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