No music, No Coffee

Quickly think about the times when music meets coffee. Surely all the moments that go through your mind will be pleasant, you have kept them there because they have been memorable, such as a cold morning, good company, a stroke of inspiration or enjoying a landscape.

Being alone or accompanied, music and coffee are enjoyed in the same way, awakening all the senses, focusing your attention on that short moment you have to enjoy it, and it may sometimes make us even close our eyes so that they are perceived with sharper.

Both are versatile, malleable; They have a presentation for every mood. If you are very asleep and want to wake up, have a heavy espresso like Metal; if the question is to indulge yourself, play a summer song and enjoy an afogatto; and to fill you with energy before going out to ride a bike, a cold brew and full-blast electronics.

Its language is written in treble clef notes and its language is universal, powerful energy that has accompanied us from the earliest times, which can be enjoyed from any cardinal point. Whether you are in the middle of the mountain or in the kitchen at home, when you feel that flavor in your mouth, your body and coffee become one and dance without the need for rhythms, transforming everything around you.

Coincidentally, music and coffee awaken the same brain activity, telling us that anatomically they have a connection, helping above all in creative or productive processes. Also related because they look like fire, with the ability to gather everyone around him.

Those who know about this topic can attest that creating a good cup or a good composition takes time, has a process, a preparation, which rewards a really gratifying feeling. They have something very interesting, something powerful that is created when this pair meet: it is the ability to turn everything into ritual, to take care of the details, to sensitize and reunite with your emotions, so much so that when listening to the strings of a Violin from Clave de Dos, unite in the same feeling that is transmitted through chords.

There are places like temples, corners and dens, such as coffee shops: spaces like Tomasa & Al alma who have known how to read this powerful union, combining it with breakfasts, creating pleasant atmospheres, giving the coffee a perfect pairing between music and bakery, reaching to create for their stores, their personalized playlists with Mad Radio, designed to connect every moment of the day with an intention.

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